Saturday, October 20, 2007

Duck, Beer!

I spent a very enjoyable night last night celebrating two friends' engagement while drinking beers at the Opera Bar. Since I had only just started draining an Asahi when everyone decided to leave, I decided that rather than scull the beer I would put it into the pocket of my jacket.

I was reminded of it later on when I stepped off a step and the beer splashed down the inside of my jacket. This was quite an odd sensation. I took a mental note that I needed to remember not to throw my coat onto the couch when I got home.

After the cab ride home, I bid farewell to my friends with talk of plans to visit an Austrian schnitzel place in Gladesville with a mutual friend at some point in the near future. I inquired as to whether there would be Beer Duck at this place, a reference to a legendary evening in Melbourne last year where an attempt was made to consume a duck curry with a sauce so hot that mere contemplation of its consumption required alcoholic fortification - hence the name Beer Duck. I was assured that this was unlikely.

Thus comforted, I returned to my apartment and as I bent down to unlatch the securing bolt at the base of my front door, the beer promptly poured itself all over my front step - Duck, Beer!


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