Sunday, August 05, 2007

Andrews caught in a quantum superposition of truth states again

Either Andrews is lying about facts on the public record, or he is incompetent. From today's Insiders:

BARRIE CASSIDY: Sure, but you still haven't addressed that issue. What do the police say to you about that? Is it unusual for somebody accused of having a link with terrorists to try to contact the police?

KEVIN ANDREWS: We don't know the full details about that contact and how that occurred or whether it occurred or not. All I'm saying to you is, I had a body of evidence provided to me...

The record of interview clearly shows that after Dr Haneef told police he had attempted to call Tony Webster in the UK, the police then obtained a list of the exact call times from some source. They, not Dr Haneef, read those times into the record of interview. For Andrews to state that this is not known, is an absurd denial of a fact that is clearly documented.

Given his bizarre statements of the last few days, I would not be surprised if Keelty comes out to bat for Andrews with another Rumsfeld-esque excursion into epistemology: "To say we know something, indeed, anything at all, now that is a big call."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My vote would be "incompetent"...

... to revoke the visa of someone already in custody just to appear to be "tough on terrorism" without contemplating the potential for it to backfire on you says it all.

If the Government admitted their wrong-doing once the "evidence" against Dr Haneef was blown away they probably would have scored a publicity bonus for being honest. Same story though: old dog, new trick... *sigh*

7 August 2007 at 21:32  

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