Tuesday, July 31, 2007

No Smoking Gun

Well, that was Andrews' last shot. Apparently, it was the best he had.

Let's look at what he had:

  • information that was available to the prosecutor who decided there was no case to answer
  • highly selective and suggestive quotations, presented outside of the context in which they occurred
  • evidence of Dr Haneef wanting to flee on July 2.
  • highly questionable paraphrasing of source material

Perhaps as revealing is what we haven't seen:

  • the full context of the excerpts he used
  • Dr Haneef's explanations for these conversations
  • any evidence that Dr Haneef knew of his cousins involvement in a plot prior to July 2
  • a persuasive argument for why it was necessary to truncate Dr Haneef's presumption of innocence by cancelling Dr Haneef's visa within hours of favourable bail decision being granted.

Andrews' claims that the pretext of wanting to visit his wife and child was a false pretext and this implied he had prior knowledge of the plot. He gives no weight at all to the possibility that Dr Haneef's actions on July 2 were consistent both with a desire to see his family and the fear of being wrongfully being persecuted as a terrorist, fears that appear quite rational given the subsequent events.


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