Sunday, July 29, 2007

Taking some pleasure from Rudd's utter lack of principle

Much as I am disgusted by Kevin Rudd's utter lack of principle with respect to the Kevin Andrews visa cancellation decision, the vindicative bastard in me has to say, it does set Howard up for a deliciously ironic defeat.

Admittedly, it would be far better for the health of Australian democracy if a political leader could ride to victory on the back of a platform of solid moral principle. Unfortunately the Australian people get the political leaders we deserve and it appears we don't deserve anyone more principled than Kevin Rudd.

Yet, if Howard has to go down, then how appropriate that he should be brought to his knees by tactics worthy of his own brand of political bastardry.

As Alan Ramsay and Paul Kelly have pointed out, Rudd will not be wedged and it is driving Howard et al to dispair - witness Andrews ludicrous attacks on Rudd and Gillard for supporting the Howard government's own positions.

Good riddance, Johnny.


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