Friday, July 27, 2007

Still fuming at the spineless Labor party...

Your editorial and Gerard Henderson's article ("Rudd won't escape Haneef fallout", July 24) highlight the problem with Kevin Rudd's me-too-ism. After watching Labor march lock step with the Government last week away from the presumption of innocence, I will no longer distribute my preference to Labor in the House of Representatives.

This may seem like a foolhardy thing to do given my distaste for the Government, however, given the alternative, does it really matter? For too long Labor has been taking support of progressively minded voters for granted. Perhaps Rudd thinks he doesn't need us this time. If so, he won't miss our vote.

I will still distribute my preferences to Labor in the Senate, but only because I think Labor's political cynicism can be relied upon to exert some measure of restraint over the Government should we find ourselves in the unfortunate circumstance of having to endure another three years of Liberal rule.

Letters, SMH, 27th July 2007


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