Sunday, March 18, 2007

Yet another meaningless coincidence

I glanced at my bookshelf today. My copy of that silly book called "The Celestine Prophecy" is one book away from the box of a computer game called "Exile".

If you have read yesterday's posts, you may exclaim as I did: "Hah!"

This just goes to show that you can find spurious connections between anything if you look at enough stuff and have a defective trivia filter.

As further proof of the ease with which spurious connections can be made, I offer this: on the other side of that silly book is a book called "Against the wall" which is the book that inspired me, in part, to take up indoor climbing. That book has a title which is contained in the title of a song that I mentioned in a post about invisible walls. Next to that book is a book of Australian short stories called "Strange Attractors". Strange? If one chooses to think so.

The funny thing is, being of a somewhat mystical bent, she might impute significance to these connections.

I, of course, do not.

All these connections prove is how trivial it is for me to link anything, anything at all, back to her.


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