Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Suddenly the Howard government is placing a premium on ministerial responsibility. Not one minister resigned over the various immigration scandals, the unjust detention of David Hicks, children overboard, the Iraq debacle, the AWB scandal or any matter of actual substance. Now Ian Campbell takes it upon himself to resign because of a 20 minute meeting with Brian Burke. Poppycock.

Page 4, SMH 5/3/2007.


Anonymous The Other One said...

The hypocrisy was obvious even to a non-political type like myself.

I'm surprised Howards's not called Teflon John because nothing sticks to him.

The betting websites are offering $2 for a Coalition win, versus around $1.77 for a Labor win. It seems they sense the sand slipping through Howard's fingers. This is Howard's time to go (well, it's been that way for over 10 years now).

I suspect that Costello and Downer secretly want a Labor victory in this election - that's the only thing that will get rid of Howard. Howard won't put up with being Leader of the Opposition any more so he will resign. Costello will become Leader and Downer will become shadow Treasurer. Then in 3 (sorry, 2.5) years time the Coalition has another chance at regaining Government, and they can claim that to be free of all Howard's baggage (AWB, Hicks, Habib, Children Overboard, Ethanol and so on).

7 May 2007 at 10:47  

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