Saturday, July 28, 2007

An open letter to Kevin Andrews

When considering whether to reverse your decision to cancel Dr Mohamed Haneef's visa I would implore you to give very serious consideration to the expectations of the Australian community.

The Australian community, I believe, is one that strongly believes in the notion of a fair go. A fair go is not a partisan concept. It is not a Liberal concept, it is not a Green concept it is not a Labor concept. It is an Australian concept that every man and woman on the street, Christian or Atheist, Muslim or Buddhist, understands.

By the dictates of this concept, you should strongly consider whether your original decision to preempt the outcome of his trial by cancelling his visa was fair. You should consider whether, in light of the complete collapse of the prosecution case against him, the cancellation is still fair.

If you can't find it within yourself to give Dr Haneef a fair go, consider whether it is fair to the base political objectives of your own side of politics to continue burdening it with a completely laughable position.

Once you have done this, please also give very serious consideration to the question of resigning your position as Minister and as Member of Parliament as a small gesture of apology to the Australian people for causing us such deep embarrassment.

Sir, I believe you have failed your character test and it only right that you correct your mistakes and then do the honourable thing and resign - Ian Campbell resigned for less, much less.

Your Sincerely,

Jon Seymour


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