Thursday, November 20, 2008

A good lost thing story

At around lunchtime today I realised I had lost my keys!


I rang the bus company, I visited the City Rail lost property website, I visited the front desk and facilities management. Nothing.

Then I remembered that REMO had given me a key tag with a unique number on it. So, I gave them a call. Sure enough, Mel from R-eh-mo (I always thought it was R-ee-mo) said that a guy called Shane from Mount Druitt had called to report that he had found my keys on a train.

So I gave Shane's wife a call, got Shane's number, had a chat and we worked out that he could leave them at the station master's office at Granville. I took an early mark from work, caught a taxi to Granville, and retrieved my keys.

Is that not totally excellent? Thank you, Shane! Thank you, REMO!


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