Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A journey down a karmic funnel

I sometimes wonder whether, subconsciously or otherwise, she used me as wedge between herself and The Other Guy. It would partly explain what appears in hindsight to be the unlikely occurrence of her in interest in me.

I never questioned the fact that she was apparently somewhat openly seeing me, while still living with The Other Guy. It did seem odd, but since I appeared to benefiting from the arrangement, I didn't question it. It must have put The Other Guy through hell. Only later did I realize exactly what kind of hell that would have been.

My guess is that she was unhappy with some aspect of her relationship with him and those thoughts crystalised when I appeared on the scene. Perhaps she did think, for a short while, that she wanted me. I think she realised later that what she actually wanted was out. Unfortunately for me, I had by then become convinced I wanted her - a conviction that has never completely left me, despite everything.

I sometimes wonder how The Other Guy has coped with life without her. Not surprisingly he doesn't write about it on the web. Very occasionally though, I Google his name just in case it throws something interesting up. From that I learnt he has set up what appears to be a successful business with his brother. Good luck to him. I guess what I'd like to read some day is that he has met and married someone - it'd be nice to have proof that there is life after her.

And so this brings me to one of those odd coincidences I am so good at noticing. When reading about his company I noticed that it is based in the middle of a semi-industrial Melbourne suburb some distance from the city. Its premises of business are literally just around the corner from where I am currently working.

The karmic traffic police, it seems, have funneled us both onto one small part of the planet while she has ended up on the other side of it.

No good can come from this, of course. Nor any harm. It is just one of those odd coincidences that one will eventually spot if one has nothing better to do.


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