Saturday, June 11, 2005

Poker faced

A friend wrote:

> ok, no probs! good luck in the poker.

I replied:


I was at Concrete earlier and this pretty Italian-Australian woman sat down at the table next to mine. I noted her beauty, her presence, then went back to my own business.

She started talking to someone, not sure who. She said: "Hey, I am talking to you". It slowly dawned on me that the someone she was talking to was actually me. Quite chatty she was. After a while, she finished her cigarette, concluded that I wanted to eat my breakfast and went back inside to join her (girl-)friend.

Later as they were leaving, she said goodbye to me! Man! Had to pinch myself to make sure that I was still me.

Then, as I was paying the bill, the pretty blonde thing that is only ever there on Saturday asked what I had planned for tonight. When I mentioned I was going to play poker, and that I always lose money when I play poker, one of the other waitresses chipped in with: "unlucky in poker, lucky in love".

So, as I figure it, whatever happens tonight, I'm screwed.


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