Thursday, April 14, 2005

Goodbye Enlightenment, Welcome Back The Dark Ages

If I was an American I'd be slightly worried about this. Not to mention profoundly embarrassed.

I do wonder what happens when America walks itself off the plank into the lunatic world of a fascist theocracy, for it seems like it will inevitably do this one day. What will the rest of the world do? Will Australia be dragged down into the morass with it, or will we come to our senses and elect a government who will steer us away from the abyss. What are real estate prices like in Auckland, anyway?

Perhaps humanity's only hope is that these lunatics actually try to initiate the Armageddon they so desperately seem to want. It might not be pretty. Billions may die. But maybe at last their ideology will be condemned to the dustbin of history where it belongs. Or, life on this planet will end - a fitting testament to the deadly power of the religious meme and those who propagate it.


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