Sunday, April 10, 2005

Humility ™

In my previous posts I have been rather critical of the interpretation that the parading of the Pope in a simple cypress coffin was a powerful representation of the Pope's humility. The realisation that the Pope's casket was then enclosed within an intermediate zinc and a rather more ostentatious outer oak/walnut casket that were then buried within one of the most opulent buildings ever constructed by man seems to have undermined the intended symbolism of humility somewhat.

So, in the interests of being constructive, I offer the Catholic church the following suggestion as to how to construct a truly moving illustration of Papal humility.

The next time a pope dies, organize another spectacular such as that of April 8. Then, when it is time for the Pope's body to be interred within the inner sanctum of dead popes, pause as a donkey cart carrying a pauper's coffin is brought adjacent to the Pope's coffin.

Transfer the Pope's coffin onto the donkey cart and take the coffin of the pauper and enclose it within caskets of zinc and walnut/oak. Inter the pauper within the Pope's vault and cover the vault with a slab of stone. The donkey cart, meanwhile, is lead away and the Pope's coffin is then interred, secretly, in an unmarked pauper's grave, the location of which is to be kept secret under pain of excommunication.

Now that would be a impressive display of humility. It would, I believe, be very symbolic of the Christian claim that Jesus gave his Life so that Man's may be Saved.

Of course, the key to making it work is to make sure the Pope's body actually does end up in the pauper's grave and doesn't get switched by traditionalists who couldn't abide the notion of a pauper being buried in St. Peter's Basilica.


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