Sunday, March 27, 2005

Volcanoes of secular heat win through

In the NYT times article, Carol Murray, director of marketing for the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, was reported as saying that:

...the museum decided not to offer the movie after showing it to a sample audience, a practice often followed by managers of Imax theaters. Ms. Murray said 137 people participated in the survey, and while some thought it was well done, ''some people said it was blasphemous.''


''If it's not going to draw a crowd and it is going to create controversy,'' she said, ''from a marketing standpoint I cannot make a recommendation'' to show it.

Apparently, though, the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History have since had a change of heart - their website now proudly displays an advertisement for an upcoming season of screenings of "Volcanoes Of The Deep Sea".

It would seem that Ms. Murray doesn't mind a little controversy if it means standing up to rake in the cash as opposed to standing up to defend the ideals of secular society in opposition to Creationist demands for censorship.

update: The museum, if not Carol Murray, has issued a mea culpa which was reported in the Star-Telegram [ google cache ]. It does appear that someone in the museum (i.e. its board of directors) was prepared to standup for a matter of principle. Good on them!


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