Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Out of the mouths of babes...

My 2 year old nephew Cameron is starting to talk quite well. He is not stringing sentences together yet, but he can get the message across. Some examples...

A month ago, an icecream van was in the neighbourhood. It rang a bell to attract custom and Cameron's mum, Kristy, (my sister) bought some icecream. More recently, the van was in the neighbourhood again. It rang the bell, and Cameron blurted out: "Cream...Truck...Get It!".

Or, this one...Kristy was setting up the Christmas tree in their living room. Cameron looked at Kristy and asked/stated: "lights?". Kristy replied: "Sorry, Cameron, this Christmas tree doesn't have any lights.". Very earnestly, Cameron looked at Kristy, nodding his head hoping to gain agreement and said: "Shops?".

Finally, on Christmas day we were waiting in the car for Glenn, Cameron's dad. One of us expressed a very mild amount of impatience. "Where are you, Glenn?" Cameron said: "Beep, beep!", indicating exactly what he thought we should do next.


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