Monday, February 27, 2017

The very best thing ...

The very best thing I can do is nothing at all.

Writing is not "nothing at all", of course. However, these words will not be inflicted upon you. Not by me, anyway.

I am guessing that you have stumbled across this post because you are curious to know how I am. If so, then I thank you for your curiousity - I am fine, really.

There are no words that I could write that would convince you that I am over you, so I will not try. In any case, it is not true.

I once said to you that I thought you were the most wonderful person in the world. I never did get to know you well enough to be convinced otherwise.

It comes down to this: I hope that one day you will decide to contact me to say hello.

Unlikely, I know, but there is little harm whispering a wish into the breeze.


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