Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Bunch In Charge

The reality is a large party of Australia's current economic circumstances are as they are because of reasons that are way beyond the control of the Government in charge - slowing of China's economy being the foremost amongst these. Most people know this. The LNP carries on as if the problems were created solely by Labor and that they, and they alone, hold the magic keys that will ensure Australia's future prosperity.

That is rubbish. They are deluding themselves if they think they have much influence on these questions.

Yet, in policy areas where they do exhibit any control at all, they are either inactive (Negative Gearing, Superannuation) or wilfully destructive (NBN, Carbon Tax, Science Funding, Medicare, Media Freedom, Security Laws, Transparency, Accountability, Mental Health, Foreign Aid, Halal Certification, University Fees, Arts Funding, Renewable Energy, Energy in General, Climate Change, Opaque Trade Pacific Partnership Negotiations, Meddling with the Islamic Schism, The Plight of Regional Asylum Seekers, Meta Data Retention, Internet Filtering, Racial Vilification Laws, ABC Funding, ...).

With the exception of the changes to when startup options become taxable, they don't have a single other progressive policy reform to offer the electorate. All the items that are actually on their reform agenda are so politically toxic that they will not get elected again if they even admit to their existence.

This bunch are beyond useless.


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