Thursday, January 27, 2005

A Dogged Determination To Do Nothing

In a story about Habib "profiting" from payments in relation to media interviews he might grant, Ruddock is determined to "[pursue] any obligation under law".

    A spokesman for Attorney-General Philip Ruddock said on Tuesday the minister had sought advice from his department about the relevance of the legislation to any potential media deals Mr Habib could secure.

    "We will examine closely the implications and if there is an obligation under law it will be pursued,” said the spokesman.

    [ SBS - 25/01/2005 ]

Yet, when it comes to allegations that Habib was abused while in US custody, Ruddock is satisfied merely to "pass them on".

    A spokesman for the Attorney-General, Philip Ruddock, said last night that it was the first time the Government had heard the claims involving Mr Habib.

    "We haven't heard those sorts of allegations from Mr Habib but we're aware that allegations of that nature were made by other detainees released last year," Mr Ruddock's spokesman said.

    "But if he's got any evidence to support those sorts of claims we'd pass them on."

    [ SMH - 26/01/2005 ]

Where's the dogged determination to investigate these alleged abuses and request that the abusers are brought to account "under law", Phil? Why are you content to merely "pass them on"? To whom? With what expected effect?


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